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    Fanarah Development, LLC was founded and is currently led by Ayman Kandeel. It's no secret that Ayman Kandeel is one of the most well-versed economists around, not to mention an accomplished businessman.

    Ayman Kandeel, founder and CEO of Cairo-based Borak Capital Holdings, oversaw the $680 million sales of AKREM to Inertia Developments in November. Most AKREM investors made over 300 percent on this deal.


    Dr. Kandeel's Fanarah Developments LLC developed Egypt's first comprehensive Mediterranean seaside attraction in 2015. The project is now the most significant Mediterranean-front development anywhere along the Mediterranean Sea coast.


    Dr. Kandeel founded or co-founded many of his financial companies between 1999 and 2009. The technology, entertainment, and financial industries employ him frequently. He has raised significant financing for these firms.


    Dr. Kandeel has released almost forty comic books in English, Arabic, Greek, and Chinese. AK Comics' vision of a peaceful Middle East includes a Muslim, Jewish, and Christian superhero/heroine. The three characters' worldview protects a hypothetical Middle Eastern against intrigues that threaten future peace. His appearances on media channels like the BBC, NPR, and CNN led him to several well-known politicians, many of whom he is still in touch with today.


    Dr. Kandeel enjoys working in advertising in his spare time. JWT acquired Bonus Advertising in 1995 & now Egypt's leading advertising agency. Advision, a well-known Egyptian advertising agency, owns a significant investment in his firm.

    Professor Kandeel received his Ph.D. in emerging financial markets from USC and his MA in economics from the American University in Cairo. He taught at Cairo University from 2003 to 2009. He taught at Cal State Long Beach and USC. Dr. Kandeel left academia in April 2011 to focus on his businesses in the US and Egypt.


    Kandeel now sits on Arab African International Securities, Pacific Agencies and Contractors, and Borak Capital Holding (BCC).

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